Releasing energy into the world

As I spoke about in my previous post, I was struggling with “letting go” of my beads because I loved them so much and I didn’t feel ready. However, I did some research at least on what beads generally sell for since I had NO idea! I also asked for divine guidance to help me to stay open and not resist what might be coming forward as a next step.

A few weeks before Christmas, I met a dear friend of mine I’ve known for years. We met for one of my other favorite things to do in life – have coffee at a coffee shop and talk about deep stuff! 🙂 I had made a habit of bringing my beads every time I left my house so that I could share my continued creative experiences with people. As my friend was exploring my bagful of beads she picked out one that I had recently made using a new technique I had been experimenting with. She asked “Michelle, I would love to buy this bead for my Granddaughter to have made into a necklace and give to her for Christmas. How much is it?” She further went on to share how she wanted to share with her Granddaughter that I had made it and said that her Granddaughter would be thrilled that it was something handmade by her Granny’s friend. I knew immediately that this was to be the first bead that I was to release into the world, founded in a circle of Love – Love while creating the bead, Love between me and my friend, Love to be passed on to her Granddaughter who would Love the story, feel the energy, and how the bead came to her. Perfect! I felt no doubt this was a clear message verifying that this was the person and this was the time. I felt blessed again as there was no sense of loss as I had feared but rather the realization that sharing the joy actually creates even MORE joy, not less.

My friend and I went together to a nearby bead store and created this necklace with the assistance of a much more experienced (& one who is passionate about making jewelry) young lady.


Once my first bead was sold to my friend the flow of energy must have been activated because the young lady at the bead store helping us bought these next four beads within the hour!


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