The business of creating

I continue to be amazed at the lessons and insights that this adventure holds. Since my last post I have done some additional business items that come with the territory of bringing my creations into the public forum. To name a few – I have registered my business name “New Earth Beads” with the State of Colorado, applied for a sales tax license, ordered a canopy tent for MeadowGrass, and set up a free counselling meeting with our local Small Business Development Center (for tomorrow). I am hoping to receive some guidance and make sure that I am going through all of the proper procedures required.

I have also been busy at work in the studio. Something new that I am VERY excited about is that I have learned how to make earrings with my lampwork beads! Here is what I have made so far.


As I mentioned in a previous post I only want to do that which I enjoy. I had said that I didn’t enjoy the process of making necklaces. I want to clarify since some friends and family have mentioned that as they see that I am creating jewelry pieces they wonder if I have changed my mind. No, I haven’t changed my mind. However, what I found when learning the process of making different pieces is that there is more than one way to do these things. The first way I tried making necklaces was that I bought some cotton thread and the clasps to attach. I had to measure how long I wanted the necklace to be, cut it, thread the beads through, and attach the clasps. I DID NOT like this process!! So, with time and suggestions, I found that I could buy already made sterling silver chains and just thread the beads through – EASY! Now, that I liked. I like putting matching beads together so to just have to string them through a pretty chain and have it finished – love it! I am finding that I at least want to try these different methods and see what I like and don’t like. Making the lampwork earrings is soon becoming my favorite things to put together.

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