Festivals and Farmer’s Markets

I’ve spent the last few days entering posts into this website/blog and have pretty much caught up to current time. I hope if you have been reading along from the beginning you have enjoyed learning about my creative journey thus far. I have really enjoyed writing about it and sharing this sacred experience.

The beginning of Spring brings the opportunity to apply as a vendor for upcoming Summer festivals and farmer’s markets. I have decided to put myself and this creative energy working through me out there into the world more publicly. I continue to want to keep this process joyful so as not to overwhelm myself I have limited my applications to 2 upcoming local events. These include this year’s Memorial Day weekend MeadowGrass Music Festival and up to 5 markets in August, September or October for The Colorado Farm & Art Market (CFAM). I have been accepted as a vendor for MeadowGrass however CFAM’s application has to be approved by an artist juror so that is still pending.

Becoming a vendor creates an entire new set of “opportunities to learn” – to put a positive spin on it. I am currently exploring the legal requirements needed in order to move into this new realm. However, the fun part is, in order to have a booth, you have to have a LOT of inventory to sell – that means LOTS of time creating in the studio! I have not only been creating beads, pendants, and earrings like a mad woman but I have also started making night lights. Here are my creations that I’m planning to have at the upcoming event/s.

necklace-March-2014 Necklaces-March-2014 First-nightlights-March-2014 Nightlights-March-2014 Angel-Nightlight-March-2014 Earrings-March-2014

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