Appreciation and conscious choices

Recently I went to our neighborhood coffee roaster (Switchback) where we purchase our fresh coffee beans. They were in the process of roasting a fresh batch of beans. While I was paying for my pound of beans I shared with the friendly, enthusiastic about all things coffee girl who works there that I have gained a new appreciation and awareness for things I had previously taken for granted. I told her that since I now create my own art and design things I realize the time, attention, and details that go into that craft and other crafts. Even though I don’t know the process involved for creating coffee beans I can appreciate that there is likely a very good reason why this coffee cost $12.99/lb. My husband Chris who is the coffee loving fanatic insists on paying for good coffee. I have come to realize the difference between more expensive coffee and cheaper stuff. Not only are the beans themselves considered higher quality and/or fair trade and/or organic but we are paying a local person to go through the process of acquiring and preparing the beans for me to pick up just a few blocks from my home. I can appreciate the higher cost of things when I can look right in the eyes of the person responsible for the item I am getting. I am proud and honored to contribute to their passion and efforts. And as an extra bonus, they donate and reserve their coffee chaff for me that I pick up weekly to add to my garden and a community garden project that I volunteer with.

I am consciously making some choices in my own adventure that do not “fit” with our current societal business model to make the biggest profit often by doing things in the cheapest way possible. The glass beads are created from Moretti glass rods, from Italy. The glass I use for fusing is Bullseye which claims to be a very socially responsible and accountable company based out of Portland, OR. The harder part comes with all of the pieces needed to make the glass into jewelry or night lights for example. I try to purchase as little as possible from China due to their work practices. If possible, I buy USA products to lessen the environmental impact of traveling to reach me. I also want quality products such as sterling silver. I don’t want to just look for what’s cheapest and call it a day. I want good quality to go with the energy that I am creating when I am making the item. In my next post I will address in detail the process that I go through to make some of the items that I am currently making.

This photo doesn’t have much to do with this post but didn’t want to only have text for you to read 🙂 These are some of my latest fused items.



Appreciation and conscious choices — 2 Comments

  1. Beautifully stated and understood! I recently closed my business after 16 years of owning and operating it. We crafted from scratch with high quality ingredients bread and sweets. It was time for us to move on, and I am enjoying some free time to explore my community. I hope to get one of my friends to join me in one of your classes.

    • Thank you so much for commenting! I continue to find that when I listen to when I’m asked to step forward for some things and let go of other things (although often difficult), something new shows up that I would not have seen or made space for had I not listened.
      I would love to have you join a class. We have a lot of fun! Thank you again for sharing:)

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