Sacred journey

I am blessed to have the loving support and encouragement of friends and family with the birthing of this new glass passion of mine. I knew that I was having such a joyful time playing in my studio and loved the pieces I was creating. However, others were also responding to my creations expressing their love and beauty of them as well. This was amazing to me! It started to dawn on me that this “self” adventure was expanding to affect others too. Wow, this just keeps getting better and better and continues to feel as if this is a venture that is much bigger than myself. I am thrilled that others seem to be experiencing enjoyment from my pieces too! Of course this is how I believe The Creator works but to be seeing this happen right before my eyes is awesome and I feel honored to be what feels like “channeling” a bigger divine energy.

I started to believe that not only are people attracted to the beauty of the glass but are drawn to the joyful, loving energy that I have while creating it – I felt certain of it! I tell you that I am experiencing something that I have never experienced before while in this creative process. I often will be working in my studio and tears will well up in my eyes as I am engulfed in the feeling of joy and gratitude. The words “I just love this so much” enter into my mind continuously. I am humbled and honored for this opportunity. It is such a gift to me!

With the enjoyment that others were experiencing from my pieces came an unexpected result. I started to receive requests to purchase them. Wait a minute,┬áPURCHASE? I found myself with a new set of emotions and thoughts with that one – shock, excitement, pride, humility, fear, confusion. Again, trying to honor what this whole process is about I refused people’s request to purchase my creations. The only piece that had left my possession was the blue pendant that I made in my first fused glass class. I gave that piece as a gift to my Aunt Jean for a retirement present. Although I really enjoyed doing that fused glass class, my absolute passion had not been ignited – yet – that came with the lampwork lessons a few weeks later.


I took some time to discern these requests I was getting to purchase my creations. I LOVED these pieces! My mind filled with thoughts. I want to keep these for myself. I can’t sell these, I don’t know what to charge anyway. Do I want to make family pay for these little pieces of my heart? Are these people really serious that they like them THAT much or are they just trying to be nice? What am I supposed to do now?

I started to feel that this is where this adventure was heading but it also felt right for me to take some time to see how this was asking to unfold. You might notice here that I am continuously trying to be very conscious about each step of this evolving process. The awareness of this adventure being bigger than myself helps me to be very reflective and discerning about some choices that might seem to be obvious, typical decisions to some. This process feels sacred and holy to me and I feel the need to honor it from that perspective.


Another teaser – the next post will address what happens next ­čÖé

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