Summer, Summer, Summer

Sorry that it’s been so long since I have posted – if there’s anyone out there reading this:) I’ve been absorbed in the new world of public vending, meeting SO MANY lovely people, and generally enjoying the summer. I still plan to create a post about the process of fusing (as my last post indicated) but will save that for another time. I want to give you a bit of an update as to what New Earth Beads (NEB as I’ve been shortening it to) has been up to.

So much has happened over the summer that I don’t know where to begin. I guess I’ll start with our first vending experience at the 2014 Memorial Day weekend’s MeadowGrass Music Festival. We learned a great deal about vending outdoors the first day of the festival and luckily made changes to be able to enjoy the rest of the weekend. The main issues were dealing with the wind (rocks to secure items became a necessity) and display (having the table in the front of the tent as opposed to requiring people walk inside to view items). We had so much fun at this festival and it was my first experience of having so many people of various ages view my pieces with such joy and appreciation. People were amazed when I explained to them how I handcraft each bead. Many used the word “beautiful” when looking at all of my various creations. I was humbled and truly amazed that they were speaking about things had made – me – Michelle, who thought she wasn’t very artistic.


So with that first vending experience came a variety of others that lasted throughout the summer. These included the Colorado Farm & Art Market, Woodland Park Fine Arts & Crafts Market, and the Discover GoodWill Market. However, we  mostly attended the new Downtown Sunday Market in Acacia Park that started in early July and ran through the end of October. This market has great local music, such awesome energy, is located in the heart of downtown on Sunday mornings, and has such a wonderful diversity of people. It is important to me to support and participate in markets that not only want people selling their own handcrafted items and food but locally made as well.

Downtown Sunday Marketbooth-2014nightlight display July 2014fused-display-1

One of the most rewarding phrases I heard throughout the summer was when someone would admire my creations and make a statement like “This piece really speaks to me.” This is the foundation of what I think this adventure is all about – sharing the energy I put into a piece with someone that it needs to pass on to ~ I LOVE IT!

Another unexpected occurrence was being approached at two different markets by women who manage the Pikes Peak Regional Hospital Gift Shop in Woodland Park and The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum Store. They both commented on how well they liked my pieces and wanted to sell them in their shops. NEB now has items for sale at both of these locations:)

It seems NEB is making a name for itself here in ole Colorado Springs. We were even fortunate to have an article written about us early in the summer. Things just keep growing and changing. With that brings new energy and creations. I have continued creating throughout the summer and have added so many additional items then when I started. It feels as though I’m on a train that keeps moving along while I try to keep up with the speed.

I feel so blessed to have met so many incredible people including customers, people who also vend at the markets, and the market managers. This is a whole new world and I couldn’t be happier to be having this experience. Thank you all for being on this ride with me!



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  1. Way to go, Michelle! It makes me chuckle to see how we set up the tent that very first time, with the side walls and everything. Those side-walls were more like sails!

  2. Michelle, I’m thrilled to have ‘found’ you. To say I adore your creativity and talent would be such an understatement. I peruse each piece on NEB’s website with such appreciation for all the effort/energy it takes to bring such exquisite pieces to fruition. Hard to believe no two beads are alike!

    I adore my ocean blue swirly beads that you made then created into a necklace, earrings and bracelet for me. I simply cannot wait for my lavender jewelry to arrive, all the while pondering how we shall, together, create my black / white set. Thanks for your patience and kindness as we walk through choosing each bead for each unique piece of jewelry. Love it!

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