Hmm, do I want to do something with these beads?

For my birthday on October 31, 2013 I invited a friend to take another fused glass class with me where we each created 6 pair of earrings. That was my first attempt at fused glass earrings.


Meanwhile back at my studio, by early November I felt like a creative machine. I was typically spending anywhere from 2-3 hours in my studio a few times a week. I found that I was really building up a large quantity of beads. Then it came to me that maybe I could put some of these beads together & make a necklace or something. I went to a local bead store and bought some tools and supplies and designed my first necklace.


And these necklaces and bracelet came shortly after.


One of the things I learned while making these pieces was that this “putting together” aspect I really did not enjoy. I liked putting the design together by matching beads and moving them into patterns, but cutting the cord to appropriate lengths and adding the metal clasp pieces was really not fun for me. So, in keeping with what I feel has been part of this process all along, I gave myself permission to only do that which brings me joy. I am dedicated to keeping that as a core intention as I believe this is what keeps the joyful energy flowing in these creations from the time I create them until the time when they move on to someone else.

Aha, a little teaser leading to my next post 🙂

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